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More information about Form 4506T-EZ visit www.irs.gov/form4506tez. Tip. Use Form 4506T-EZ to order a 1040 series tax return transcript free of charge or you can quickly request transcripts by using our automated self-help service tools. Signature and date. Form 4506T-EZ must be signed and dated by the taxpayer listed on line 1a or 2a. The IRS must receive Form 4506T-EZ within 120 days of the date signed by the taxpayer or it will be rejected. Ensure that all applicable lines are completed...
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Who needs Form 4506T-EZ?

4506T-EZ is an Internal Revenue Service Form the fullname of which is the Short Form Request for Individual 2012 Tax Return Transcript. The form should be filed by individuals who need to request a tax return transcript for the current and previous three years. If a taxpayer’s fiscal year on the file 1040 Form does not coincide with a calendar year, they may not file the IRS form 4506T-EZ; they must fill out form 4506-T for this purpose.

What is the purpose of the IRS 4506T-EZ form?

The submission of the form to the IRS is the only way to inform the agency about the taxpayer’s necessity to be issued the Individual Tax Return Transcript. The requesting individual may require it for various purposes, but the most common is meeting the requirements of a lending institution. Indeed, lending institutions providing mortgages and student loans typically demand their borrowers provide their individual tax return reports to make sure to eliminate the possibility of fraud.

How soon should I get my Individual Tax Return Transcript?

The Short Form Request for Individual Tax Return Transcript does not have any specific deadline or a due date for submission, as it can be filed whenever the need arises. However, the claiming taxpayer should bear in mind that the IRS will require certain amount of time of process the request -- typically it takes up to 10 business days after the receipt of the 4506T-EZ form.

What information should be given on the Short Form Request for Individual Tax Return Transcript?

The following data should be entered on the  Form 4506T-EZ:    

  • Name and SSN of the person (s) filing the tax return;    

  • Current and previous addresses;    

  • Name, address and phone of the third party that should receive the transcript;    

  • Years requested;    

  • Signature of the taxpayer or taxpayers.

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Thank you for joining us in mortgage navigation calm we're going to be talking about the 4506 e-z this is different from the 4506 t form and it's a little bit simpler so we're going to run through it very quickly number one a is your name to a if your spouse is on the return with you his or her name would go there as well and the social security numbers in 1a and to be your current address if you've moved since your last return on item number three you would put your current name and address if that's the case then on number four make sure to add your previous address what is actually matching on your tax returns number six is the years that you're requesting so it's important the way that you fill this out because it's going to be the last day of the year for the taxi requesting so for instance if you're requesting 2011 you would put in 2011 so make sure you fill that out for each one of the tasks years you're requesting at the bottom here make sure that you sign and your spouse signs if they are on the return whether or not they're on the mortgage because if they're out of the mortgage but they're on the tax return they will kick this form back if your spouse does not sign this is a number one thing that people miss and it will get your form sent back so make sure you don't miss it put your phone number at the bottom right-hand corner thank you and make sure to visit mortgage navigation calm you